Tuesday, May 23, 2017

3D Solar Panel Box

       For this project we had to design a solar panel flashlight that people from level up village could use. The people from level up village were from Kenya and we would share videos with each other asking about their daily life and their solar box. My design for my solar box was to have two handles sticking out on the side. This project took a lot of patients and effort because if you messed one thing up you had to start over in some way. My favorite part of this project was talking to the people from Kenya because I learned new things about their country like, not every country has running or clean water and they might have to walk miles a day to get water. I hope the person I had from level up village, Wavinary, will use this flashlight and it will help him do many things.

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Rubik's Cube For The Colorblind

                                         Rubik's Cube For The Colorblind 

   My group and I decided to make a rubik's cube for the colorblind because it solved a huge problem, colorblind people not being able to do all the things that we can do. Are first idea was to make a rubik's cube for the blind, but that was already invented. So my group and I had to think outside of the box. When we came up the idea to a rubik's for the colorblind it was amazing because no one has thought of it until now. Now all we had to do was design it, the tricky part.

We designed our project online at Tinkercad, The first thing we needed to do was get a design of the rubik's cube. Then, my group and I had to chose the shapes for the squares on the rubik's. After we did that we had to do the hardest thing making sure everything was perfectly on so we could print it. The rubik's took eighteen hours to print on the 3D printer. When it was done printing it looked perfect just a bit over sized.

My group and I ran it many problems with the rubik's cube for the colorblind. The first problem we ran in to was thinking of another idea of the rubik's for the blind. Then, what shapes we should do and want design of the rubik's cube. After that my group and I need to put on the shape which believe it or not was the hardest. When it was done printing the rubik's cube would not turn and the cones where way to sharp that it could hurt someone. Last it printed out orange instead of gray.